Governing Body

Madresatul Banaat Almuslimaat and Madresatul Atfaal Almuslimeen are operated under the management of Muslim Girls School, having its registered office at 10 Vulcan Street, Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada M9W 1L2 with the following members, administrative staff and teachers:

Dr. Q.S. Syed Chairman
B. Syed A. Qadri President/ Principal
B. Abdur Rehman Pirkhan Treasurer
B. Niaz M. Sanaullah Secretary
B. Ali Rakie School Head Counselor
S. Soad Nour Vice Principal
S. Noreen Mir Vice Principal
S. Tahseen Qadri Accounting/ Payroll
S. Najma Jeylani Counselor/ Administrative Assistant
S. Fawzia Ahmed Counselor/ Administrative Assistant
S. Mona Sharif Payroll
Maulana Syed Abdul Aziz Qadri Religious Scholar, Teacher
S. Mariam Patel Alima/ Teacher
S. Sarwat Saud Teacher
S. Ayesha Afzal Teacher
S. Gehan Zawwam Teacher
S. Hend Ali Teacher
S. Habiba Sadiq Teacher
S. Saima Mughees Teacher
S. Ikhlaas Mohamud Teacher
S. Syeda Fatima Aliassad Teacher
S. Ladan Issa Teacher
Sabiha Baaji Quran Teacher
Malka Appa Quran Teacher
S. Husna Ghanizada Teacher
S. Safoora Sanaullah Teacher
S. Asma Sharif Teacher
S. Rabia Qadri Teacher
S. Verena Kaleem Caretaker
S. Naeem Kaleem Sanitation Technician

In keeping with our commitment to providing high quality education, our staff regularly participates in professional development workshops to keep up–to-date with current teaching and assessment and evaluation practices, and curriculum requirements of the Ontario Ministry of Education. We also conduct in-house inspections on a regular basis and have recently implemented a new teacher performance appraisal system.