Aims And Objectives

Our mission is …

  1. to Educate and promote traditional Islamic values compatible to our times.

  2. To Eradicate misunderstandings and confusions about Islam, through publications, media, school and other sources available.

  3. To strengthen social relations with all religious (Islamic and non-Islamic) institutions, and with the general community, and to built a mutually respecting, loving and caring society.

The school is committed to:

  • maintaining a congenial atmosphere for the students to acquire knowledge to suit the needs of the present day challenges in the field of education and learning;

  • enabling the students to reach their full potential to become responsible and contributing members of our community and the society at large;

  • providing incentive to the students to maintain lifelong interest for learning;

  • helping students to develop decision making ability and leadership qualities;

  • imparting education to the students in small classroom settings for effective communication between the students and the teachers;

  • encouraging students to share Islamic values and practices and be respectable members of the society.